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Feeling stuck on an issue?

Can't seem to talk about it without getting frustrated?

We can help!

7 Principles

Strengthen and improve your relationship at any level

With 40+ years of research and thousands of couples, this program is the real deal

New Chapter

Entering a new phase of your relationship is joyful - but can shake loose unexpected stress

Give yourself a strong foundation for lasting success


Whether you've been together 5 years or 50, there's still plenty of space for growth

Get a relationship recharge to re-spark love and intimacy


Mediation & Communication Support

All couples encounter both solvable and perpetual problems throughout their relationship.  Sometimes, they need a little extra support to work through them in healthy, productive ways and move forward together.

We'll work with each partner to explore the roots of the issue and learn compassionate communication strategies.  Then, we'll work with the couple to facilitate discussion each partner's underlying dreams about the issue and uncover connections and possibilities for each to have their core needs met.

Support includes techniques from Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Collaborative Couple Therapy, and Core Energy Coaching


Gottman's 7 Principles Program

The 7 Principles Program was developed by the Gottman Institute, the nation's leading relationship experts.  Based on 40+ years of research with thousands of couples, it is extremely effective for couples at any relationship stage.

Through eight educational modules with facilitated practice and self-led exercises, you'll learn realistic and practical approaches to boost many areas of your relationship and satisfaction, including friendshipfondnessapproach to conflictmeaningful connections, and overall intimacy.

Also available as a live workshop. Contact Us for availability.


New Chapter, New Skills

Boost friendship, enhance intimacy, and strengthen your relationship with this dynamic program filled with evidence-based tools that will last a lifetime.

Designed for those entering a new phase in their relationship and those who want to set a strong foundation for building life together, this program offers a combination of exploration and education, skill-building activities, and facilitated practice for newly committed couples.

Makes a great wedding or housewarming gift to your partner or loved ones!


Jump-Start Your Relationship

After being together for years (or decades), many partners start following predictable patterns in the ways they relate to each other and how they handle (or don't) conflict and everyday activities.

For some, this could mean frustration, resentment, or contempt.  For others, distance and detachment - leading separate lives in the same home.  And for many, feeling just content enough, but feeling deep down it could be better.

This evidence-based program is packed with tools, techniques, and activities to transform your relationship and revitalize the friendship, appreciation, and intimacy between you and your partner.  Get ready to fall in love again.

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