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Take our attitudinal assessment to illuminate your path to loving connections


Includes 90 minute debrief and strategy session


Work through a personalized program of activities and assignments at your own pace


Includes assessment and virtual exploration library


Get 1:1 coaching to break through barriers and optimize your capacity for intimacy


Includes assessment and 60-90 min biweekly coaching

Want it all?

Get ready for a total transformation with this comprehensive program


Includes assessment, self-led program, and coaching


Assessment & Strategy Session

The Energy Leadership IndexTM  assesses your current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors that affect all aspects of life, including quality of relationships and capacity for intimacy.  Get a clear and accurate snapshot of where you currently are - and what other options are out there that may serve you better.

In a 90-minute debrief and strategy session, we'll dig in-depth into your results, focusing on how your current perspectives may be affecting your approach and satisfaction with love and relationships.   We'll work together to explore your current goals and craft a strategy to reach them.  This powerful tool can be transformative both on its own and as the foundation of one of our programs.


Self-Led Discovery Program

This self-led program is packed with clarifying and insight-inducing activities that will support you in attaining your goals - all at your own pace.

After your assessment, debrief, and strategy session, we'll work with you to craft a personalized program from our extensive library of virtual tools to give you the most effective and efficient path to the changes you want.

The intensity and duration is totally up to you!  We'll include email support and check-ins to continue perfecting your program and ensure your success.


Individual Breakthrough Coaching

Feeling stuck where you are?  Unsatisfied with your relationships?  Find yourself repeating the same patterns again and again?  Trapped in the past?

In this program, you'll work one-on-one with a certified professional coach to break through barriers to intimacy and build loving connections.

Feel heard and understood.  Heal with strength and courage.
Embrace freedom and empowerment.  Find love.

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Total Transformation Package

This comprehensive program offers an intensive solution for maximum results.

With a combination of in-depth exploration with a certified professional coach and a personalized virtual discovery experience, you'll have all the tools you need for a lasting transformation in life and love.

Catapult forward on your courageous journey to intimacy and fulfillment.

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