Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional helping relationship where a trained coach partners with a client to improve and optimize their life or a specific area in it.  A number of coaching specialties exist, including corporate, executive, health/wellness, life purpose, and many others.  We specialize in intimacy and relationship coaching, working with clients to break through barriers to vulnerability and authenticity and cultivate connection and intimacy in close relationships.  Though we start there, it is very likely that you will experience gains in most or all other areas of your life - that's how our coaching process works!


Is it like therapy?  Or advice?

Though there are some similarities and common skills (e.g. intuitive listening, intent to help, emotional awareness), there are many differences.  Coaches do not diagnose or treat mental health conditions, and they do not give advice.  They partner with you to clarify and reach your goals - on your agenda - using a variety of tools and processes that are unique to coaching.  Our coaching process digs to the core of the challenge to break through and effect profound, sustainable changes throughout life.


What about relationship education?

Relationship education focuses on skill-building and techniques to enhance many aspects of your partnership, including intimacy, communication, friendship, and approaches to handling stress and conflict.  It is largely preventative in nature, so it is immensely valuable for all couples, new or long-lasting, whether or not you are currently experiencing relationship distress.


Which methods do you use?

Our coach and educator, Noor Lind, MSW, CPC, ELI-MP, is trained in a variety of modalities and skills for enhanced client success.  The foundation of our work with individuals and partners include techniques and tools from Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Core Energy Coaching, as well as elements of Collaborative Couple Therapy and social work practice.


What does it cost?

Costs vary by program.  Some services have structured timelines and defined prices.  You may find them on the individuals and partners pages.  Other programs, including ongoing partner work, may not have clear timelines, so costs are dependent on the duration and intensity of our work together.  If you'd like to know more, you may book an exploratory session to have a pricing consultation.  Please note: We offer flexible payment plans for some of our ongoing services.


I'm confused / I have another question

No problem!  Both coaching and relationship education are new to many people, and there's a lot of misinformation out there.
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